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La Diablesse

Product Label

La Diablesse is a hot pepper sauce themed around the Caribbean island of Grenada. Storytelling is an important aspect of Grenadian culture, and La Diablesse is a story of a woman who is beautiful from far, but wears a large hat to cover her grotesque face. Pulling inspiration from Grenada, the national flower bougainvillea as well as a Caribbean native scotch bonnet pepper was incorporated into the logo to represent Grenadian culture. 




Grenada has a rich culture in storytelling, so the brand was symbolized through the character of La Diablesse. La Diablesse is a woman who appears to be beautiful from far away, but her large brimmed hat covers her monstrous face. The character also reflects the duality of appearance and reality, much like the flavor of the sauce. The color of the sauce suggests that it is mild; however, scotch bonnet peppers, which are native to Grenada, are extremely spicy. The purple chosen as the dominant color to portray a night scene and conveys the dark tone of the story. Yellow was used as the accent color, since it matched the color of the sauce.

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Scotch Bonnet Pepper

A variety of chili pepper named after its resemblance to tam o' shanter hat. It has a very spicy flavor and is native to the Caribbean.

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A tropical plant that is Grenada's national flower. The petals are brightly colored, ranging from magenta, purple, yellow and crimson.



The imagery of La Diablesse is illustrated, and it started with a sketch with pencil on paper that incorporated elements developed in the research phase. The sketch was cleaned up digitally, colored, and applied to the label with typography and texture. This current design is a redesign of the label I created in 2018.

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La Diablesse detail 2.jpg
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2020 Redesign Reflection


My knowledge about typography has grown since the first iteration. I first created the design from my first graphic design course, and I was very focused on illustration and didn’t know how to match typefaces with the drawing style.


For the redesign, I wanted a more cohesive color scheme but didn’t want to completely throw away the night scene. Since the story of La Diablesse isn’t specific to Grenada (it is a general Caribbean story), I wanted to add an aspect that made this design uniquely Grenadian. To do this, I replaced the tropical leaves with the Grenadian national flower: the bougainvillea. This helped unify the color scheme and emphasizes the contrast between the purples and yellows. I changed the skin color look unnatural and ghostly rather than an actual skin color. To refer back to the tropical climate of the Caribbean, I added a subtle organic leaf pattern to incorporate texture. I also decided to make the style less rounded and slightly more realistic, so that there is more emphasis on the face of the woman. I addressed issues of typographic hierarchy and font pairing that I didn’t consider the first time and adjusted the nutrition facts label to fit with the rest of the label.