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Dead People's Closet

Logo Redesign

Dead People’s Closet is an online vintage shop based in Jacksonville, Florida. The shop sells a selection of vintage clothes, shoes, and items like cameras. Most of the items gives off a 70s feel, so the skeleton was made into a neon-tube like logo incorporated with rainbow elements.

deadpeople's closet v2.jpg



The current logo consists of a skeleton wearing a suit and tipping its hat placed in front of a rainbow. When discussing the logo with the owner of Dead People's Closet, she suggested that the skeleton's attire be changed to a cowboy with a bolo tie. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 2.15.53 PM.png

Dead People's Closet "Unofficial" Logo


2018 Design


While I was interning with Jax is Rad founder Ansley Randall in 2018, we reimagined the brand’s unofficial logo of a skeleton in a suit and had in front of a rainbow. To make the two elements more cohesive, the bright retro inspired colors were used as a gradient across the whole design. The skeleton was redrawn on paper to create texture, then digitally finished with neon-like text. 

2021 Design Reflection


In the 2021 remake, I wanted to clean up the design, since I thought the old design relied a lot on color to create the neon effect. I also wanted to make the logo contained on the bottom, so I used a tombstone shaped frame around the skeleton. The arch of the frame also allowed me to add in the rainbow from the original logo more cohesively. Rather than using super saturated colors and gradients, I used a muted rainbow color scheme to tie in the vintage feel of Dead People’s Closet. 

deadpeople's closet v2.png
Label Mockup texture.jpg
box dead peoples closet.jpg
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